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Do They Work?

We're glad you asked.  Check this out!

Electric Guitar in a Bag Assembly Video

Want to know what this kit is all about?  This video will introduce you to the kit and take you through assembly of a bare-bones guitar.  Check out the resources below for more of our videos and other content to help you suck the maximum STEMiness out of your project.

About Us

We feel you.

Steve and Ryan are award-winning teachers, but that's not as important as the fact that they are real teachers.  They've taught together at a real rural public high school for the past 15 years.  They teach real kids in real classrooms with real constraints on their time and budgets every day.

Electric guitars are the answer. What was the question?

We've never seen another student project that can mine STEM content as deeply or as diversely as classroom electric guitars.  Use guitars to teach everything from mathematical modeling to shop safety, scientific process to design cycle.  Do it all while simultaneously increasing student attendance! 

You've got this!

We've helped middle school science students, high school math teachers, college machining courses, youth groups, homeschoolers and everyone in between to make electric guitars in their classrooms.  If you want a quick shot of awesome, build one in a single class period.  Want to dig deep?  Spend a semester investigating, designing and fabricating the sweetest project that you could ever afford to have ALL of your students make and take home. 

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We're regular teachers just like you.  Between classes, lunch duty, coaching responsibilities, and our own families it sometimes takes a little while.  Thanks for your understanding!

STEMy Stuff

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Classroom Electric Guitar Videos

We've created a number of videos and collected even more and packaged them into a Classroom Electric Guitars YouTube playlist for you to use with your students.

Watch the Videos

Deluxe Assembly Instructions

The written instructions that come with your kit are adequate, but if you'd like more details these instructions are expanded for our customers who want more guidance.

View the Manual

Transistor & Amplifier Videos

Since the beginning, we have been building speakers and amplifiers with our students.  This adds a ton of rich STEM content and fabrication skills to your electric guitar project.  We've gathered some useful videos for you. 

Watch the Videos

Electric Guitar Curriculum

We are in the process of rewriting and polishing our curriculum resources.  They will be for sale as .pdf files in our store as they become available.  Our goal is to have everything online before the start of the 18-19 school year.  In the mean time you can access our original work from

Curriculum Resources

Songs to Get You Started

Our basic guitars are simple one-string jobs that are fretted diatonically.  It's like playing a piano with no black keys.  You can't play everything but you'd be surprised how easy it is to play tons of simple songs on it.  Start with these!

View The Song book

Want to Jam with Us?

We would love to bring a STEMazing guitar building experience to your students, staff, club or organization.  We also do some curriculum consulting and are generally geek out at any new opportunity to get STEMy with friends.

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